FRENCHPAKS offers you top quality. Top quality fabrics, design, production and finish.



We select only top quality fabrics. For all our designs (except for Eddy), we use soft and comfortable top quality cotton stretch fabric (93% cotton, 7% elastane). Thus, our products provide you with great support combined with comfortable fit.

Our underwear is smooth on your body, it feels like a second skin !



All our underwear present a trendy and fashionable design. They are almost all low rise or even very low rise fit since these cuts will enhance your body’s silhouette. They also fit extremely well with low rise jeans and trousers.

We put very special attention to the form and dimension of the pouch in order to provide you with optimal, but yet comfortable support and sexy fit. This will enhance that one area you want to be noticed.



For even more support, you can choose the    version for certain designs. Click here for more information.



Each piece of our underwear is thought in detail.

This starts with the esthetics of our waistbands which are always adapted to the color of the fabric. Some brands use the same waistband for many different fabric colors, we don’t.

The pouches of all our underwear is in two layers of fabric. We won’t try to do any cost savings in this area.

Furthermore, we use a special technique to close the waistbands in the back. Where other brands show stitchings which are not especially esthetic, FRENCHPAKS underwear comes with a smooth almost unvisible closing.



We use woven labels which do not fade with the time. They are sewed onto the waistband. Consequently, they are not visible through the fabric, they won’t incommode you and they won’t be itching.




A top priority for FRENCHPAKS . All our underwear are designed in Paris region in France. They are produced by highly skilled operators in a premium quality factory.

After the production, each piece undergoes severe quality tests. When we prepare your order, every single trunk, hipster or brief is controlled again and hand packed for you.